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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (MFA)

Theatre for Youth

The MFA concentration in theatre for youth offers comprehensive course work in all areas of Theatre for Youth, renowned faculty, superb facilities, practical experience in working in drama and theatre with and for young people, and a challenging and supportive atmosphere ideal for educating future leaders in the field.

The MFA degree in Theatre with a concentration in Theatre for Youth is a minimum 60-semester-hour professional program. The concentration trains artists for the future by providing you with the skills and experiences needed to achieve your full potential.

The concentration in Theatre for Youth is designed to prepare you for work as drama specialists; for teaching in the field of Theatre for Youth; for professional careers in theatre for young audience; and for community-based theatre work.

You must meet all admission requirements of Graduate Education. In addition, the School of Theatre and Film requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work in theatre and a minimum GPA of 3.20 for all course work in theatre.

For the concentration in Theatre for Youth, the following also is required:

  1. Three letters of recommendation from leaders in the field of Theatre for Youth (there is no official recommendation form)
  2. Statement of educational and career goals
  3. Current resume
  4. Required interview

Mail materials to: Graduate Secretary | School of Film, Dance and Theatre | Arizona State University | PO Box 872002 | Tempe, AZ 85287-2002

Application materials may also be submitted via email to If you email a recommendation letter, please scan the signed document and send it as a PDF.

Interviews are required.
Interviews for admission will be held Friday, February 7, 2014. To schedule an interview, contact professor Pam Sterling.

Application Deadline
The application deadline is Feb. 7. After that date, admission is subject to space availability.

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Program of Study: MFA Theatre for Youth
The Master of Fine Arts degree offers a challenging and flexible program of course work and practical activities designed to train creative and innovative artists and educators for positions in professional theatre, community arts agencies, and/or education. This is a 60 credit hour program including an Off-Site Internship and Applied Project.

Each MFA student must complete the requirements, as outlined below, as well as an individualized program of electives and practical experiences for the degree. Students work closely with a faculty advisor and an advisory committee in selecting these experiences to support individualized career goals. This committee, generally comprised of three faculty members, is determined by the graduate student and the student's advisor. The committee meets with the student at the end of each semester to assess progress and to oversee the program of study, particularly in such areas as the internship and the applied project.

MFA Course Work, Projects and Exams
Total Hours: 60. Students generally take 9-12 hours each semester.
Required classes (36 hrs):


Course Code Course Description
THE 500 Research Methods (3)
THE 504 Studies in Dramatic Theory and Criticism (3)
THE 520 Theatre History and Literature (3)
THE 524 Advanced Studies in Theatre for Youth (3)
THP 511 Methods of Teaching Drama (3)
THP 514 Projects in Community Based Drama (3)
THP 598 ST: Touring Theatre (3)
Either THP 611
Or THP 618
Research in Drama Education (3)
Theatre for Youth Practicum (3)
THP 684 Internship (6)
THP 693 Applied Project (6)

Elective courses: 24 hrs approved courses.

MFA Goals/Outcomes
MFA students are expected to have a general literacy in theatre by, with, and for young people in a variety of settings, with advanced literacy in a particular sub-field of emphasis.

All MFA students are expected to demonstrate knowledge and understanding about:

Ongoing monitoring/assessment of student progress is accomplished through:

For More Information, please consult the MFA Handbook.