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Bachelor of Arts in Film

The BA in Film was established in 2005 and is offered jointly through the Herberger Institute School of Film, Dance and Theatre and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The program offers a set of shared core film courses as well as concentration-specific courses offered by each institute. The School of Film, Dance and Theatre offers two concentrations: a non-studio based concentration in filmmaking practices and a highly selective studio based concentration in film and media production.

Students interested in film and media production or filmmaking practices take concentration-specific courses in the Herberger Institute School of Film, Dance and Theatre.

Students in the Filmmaking Practices concentration receive grounding in production practice, entertainment ethics, independent film production and producing. Production experience is garnered through FMP 300 (Production 1) as well as through work on produced film projects. Unlike the Film and Media Production concentration, there are no additional admission requirements for this concentration. By completing the degree students will be prepared for entry level positions in film production, producing, and management or advanced graduate level education.

As a film student in the Film and Media Production concentration, you are trained to thoughtfully consider not only how to look through a lens, but why you should, through a unique emphasis on ethical decision making in both content creation and business practices. Issues such as ethnicity and race identity, sex and violence are examined as tools for filmmakers to use with an understanding of audience effects and the greater responsibility of artists in society. Students in the film and media production concentration have access to digital cameras, lighting, and sound equipment in a new teaching studio. Post-production facilities include multiple computer editing stations.

Our faculty are drawn from the ranks of working professionals in film and television.  Students with sophomore standing or higher can apply for internships and production assistant jobs as they become available. Previously, students worked on Universal Pictures film The Kingdom (2007), on the television series Prison Break (Fox) and Lincoln Heights (ABC), as well as on regional award-winning independent films, such as Netherbeast Incorporated (Ronalds Brothers, 2007). ASU is also forging a close relationship with the Arizona Film Commission, with the expectation that more film productions will be enticed to Arizona, which in turn will benefit you. Through a unique cooperative education agreement with Universal Pictures, a small number of film and media production majors can spend an entire semester working on a Universal Pictures set.

Information on applying to the BA in Film.

For detailed information concerning the undergraduate program, visit ASU's Web tool, eAdvisor. Here you will find checksheets, a majors map and more.

Students interested in film and media studies take concentration-specific courses through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.